EPISODE 002 - Overcoming Mommy Guilt

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Are you a mom running your own business? Do you suffer from mommy guilt? It can be really hard sometimes to split your time fairly between your work and your kids. I mean, right? So today we're going to be talking about balancing motherhood and life as an entrepreneur.

In today's episode, I get real and shares some truths about my life. My laundry doesn't get always get done every day, or even every week. And I doesn't cook every night either. (Yikes!!) And yes, I get mommy guilt too. But, my kids do have clean clothes, they eat every night, and I manage to cope when my mommy guilt strikes. It can be done and today I share some of the methods that really work for me. Hint: meal planning is not one of them.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

•       The laundry doesn't always get done every day, or even every week. Nor does she cook every night.

•       I too have mommy guilt.

•       Is there really balance in life?

•       Relax, give yourself a break and know that you're doing the very best you can, even if it's not perfect.

•       I share three tips that have really worked for me.

•       Ordering pre-cooked frozen meals can really save you time.

•       Schedule your work hours. (This is hard to do sometimes when you have kids.)

•       Hire a nanny or a sitter.

•       You need to protect the time that you've set aside to work.

•       Be present with your family when you're not working.

•       What it means to really be present with your kids.

•       Just do it and don't be afraid.

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