The Danger of Being Comfortable & The Beauty of Being Scared

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In today's powerful episode we're going to be talking about the danger of being comfortable and the beauty of being scared. This could push some buttons for you because most of us don't relish the idea of stepping out of our comfort zones. We prefer to stay within our bounds because it's comfortable there, it feels safe, and we don't have to deal with the discomfort of being uncomfortable. In today's episode, you will discover that we actually grow and evolve from the experience of being uncomfortable. Tune in to find how to make big things happen by stepping out of your comfort zone even if you're feeling scared. Let the magic happen!

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

•   Great things don't come from comfort zones. You have to step out if you want to grow.

•   One of the dangers of being comfortable is that you miss out on learning from the experience of being uncomfortable.

•  Learning and evolving from the experience of being uncomfortable.

•   We are designed to reach for bigger and better things.

•  The only way to reach those bigger and better things is by getting uncomfortable.

•   Why our faith deepens and our spirituality grows when we're uncomfortable.

•  When we're uncomfortable and we become deeper and more complex humans.

•  We miss out on a richer life by remaining in a comfort zone.

•  Find your truth by stepping out.

•  Experiencing overwhelming feelings and a desire to run away when stepping away from the comfort zone is totally normal.

•  The beauty that comes from being scared.

•  The beautiful things that happen when you get uncomfortable.

• Becoming stronger and an even better version of yourself.

•  You will feel great if you step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears.

•   I encourage you to move away from your comfort zone, get scared, embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable, and start growing!

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