Comparison and the Trouble it Brings

Do you find that you fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others? Today we're talking about that trap, the trouble it brings, and how to overcome it. In the last episode, we spoke about the mean girl that lives inside your head, and why you need to shut her down. It's important to realize that it becomes very easy to fall right back into her trap when we start to compare ourselves to others. This doesn't have to happen to you, though, if you've been doing the work that's necessary to quieten that mean girl down. Tune in now to find out more.

At times, things just don't work out in the way we had hoped they would. When this happens we sometimes compare ourselves to others and we may even find that the thing we're comparing ourselves to in them isn't real at all. That will not help our state of mind in any way! Remember that you are just who you're supposed to be and there are great things for you! Listen in today, to find out what happens when we compare ourselves to other people and why this comparison is really detrimental to our journey.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

•   Rachel really wanted to have kids soon after she got married, but things just didn't work out that way for her. It was then she fell into the trap of comparison.

•   Rachel found that she was comparing herself to something that wasn't even real.

•   Rachel talks about what happens when we compare ourselves to other people.

•   The first thing that happens is that we begin to feel inferior.

•   Then we become jealous when we compare ourselves to others.

•   Nothing good comes from jealousy and it just grows and grows.

•   Jealousy puts you in a place of negativity.

•   We get stuck when we compare ourselves to others.

•   Negative energy is like a roadblock in our lives.

•    Comparison prevents you from moving forward.

•   We all have a different calling on our lives.

•   You aren't focusing on your truth when you make comparisons.

•   You need to be focusing on your own growth.

•   Nobody's life is as perfect as we think it is.

•   Rachel challenges you to stop and turn around when you find yourself comparing yourself to others because you need to be focusing on your own story, not theirs.

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