Are You Enough?

Are you enough? Or do you feel you could be prettier, smarter, richer, or perhaps a better daughter, wife, or mother? In today's episode, we're talking about whether or not you really are enough. This is something you need to think about very deeply, in all aspects of your life, because the truth of it is that you are enough! Yes, you really are!

There are so many areas in our lives where most of us just don't feel like we measure up. And thinking that we're not enough is a lie we tell ourselves when we're feeling insecure. Rachel also struggles sometimes with feeling that she's not enough. Preparing for this podcast was hard for her because it brought up so many difficult emotions and feelings. So, because it felt so raw, she knew that this was the right topic to discuss in today's episode. Tune in now, as Rachel makes herself vulnerable, tells some stories, and shares some of the things that work for her.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

 ·  So many people feel like they don't measure up.

·  We are constantly bombarded with images of really successful people and it's human nature to compare ourselves.

·  Do you compare yourself to moms that you feel are doing a great job of mothering their kids?

·  There are many things from our childhood that have helped create the belief that we're not enough.

·   You have to start believing for yourself that you are enough.

·  We have to come up with ways to show ourselves that we are enough.

·  Thinking that we're not enough is a lie we tell ourselves when we're feeling insecure.

·  If you're relying on someone else's words to make you feel like you're enough, you’ll never feel like you’re enough.

·  We have to find the strength within ourselves to know that we are enough, even though we're not perfect.

·   Learning to love ourselves is part of the process.

·   We're all living up to an unattainable standard in our minds.

·   We are placing ridiculous expectations on ourselves and that makes us feel that we're not enough.

·  If you're super judgemental of people, chances are going to be judging yourself. And most of us tend to be judgemental even though we may not be aware of it.

·  Shut down the lies and let go of the unreasonable expectations you have of yourself.

·  Focusing on serving others will help you as you fight those feelings of no being enough.

·  You really are enough!

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