Did you know that you probably have gifts and talents that you don't even know about yet? Today we're really excited to be sharing an interview with our very first guest, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, aka Coach Glitter. Tiffany has built her own personal brand from the ground up in the online space, as a blogger, business consultant, affiliate marketer, educator, and camera confidence coach. She has revolutionized many of her students' businesses with her particular style of coaching because she's truly obsessed with coaching her students to gain clarity in their brand, skyrocket their confidence, and increase their visibility through the power of live video in the online marketing space.

In today's episode, we share lots of laughs with Tiffany and we talk about a number of different things, including embracing the power of live video, growing a business, and how to invest in yourself. Tune in now to find out why you really need to start doing live video.

Before starting out in the online space, Tiffany worked in the production world for almost two decades, as a make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, and set designer. She's worked in film, TV, commercial runway, and also with top online marketers, authors, and speakers. Tiffany's online course, Lights Camera Branding, combines her vast knowledge and experience of working behind the camera with helping her clients to look and feel their personal best. She truly knows her stuff, so listen in today, to find out how Tiffany helps entrepreneurs lose their fear and really catapult their businesses!

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

•       Tiffany talks about her passion for her current work, helping entrepreneurs in the online space and how she grew her following.

•       Embracing the power of social media.

•       How Tiffany was pushed into doing live video.

•       How doing live video really exploded Tiffany's brand.

•       There are so many untapped gifts and talents that we have no idea that we possess.

•       Live video is the thing that really brings Tiffany to her audience.

•       You have to be authentic, and become known for who you are.

•       It's really okay if you go live and nobody shows up.

•       Building a big audience, really fast.

•       Learning to think like a business owner.

•       What happened when Facebook introduced live video.

•       Getting your ego out of the way and going for the long game with live video.

•       For Tiffany, money is a side-effect.

•       Why everyone is using live video today.

•       Overcoming the fear.

•       Tiffany is coming from a place of service, and that really drives her!

•       Creating your own opportunities.

•       Getting to know your audience is important.

•       Having a mindset that works for how you teach.

•       Tiffany's top tips for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses.

•       How to invest in yourself.

•       Why you have to welcome the problems in your business.

•       Why you should surround yourself with like-minded people and never be the smartest person in the room.

•       Embrace that things will always change with social media.

•       Nothing gets more likes on Facebook than live video.

•       Gaining clarity by taking action.

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