Debunking the Lies that Hold You Back

If you could look into your mind from the outside, what lies would you see that you're telling yourself? Today we're getting real (again) and we're going to be talking about the three lies, or stories, that we tell ourselves most often, that actually hold us back. Tune in today, to find out how to focus on the things that you have going for you, and move forward in your life and in your business.

Rachel wouldn't be where she is today if she had continued holding onto the lies in her head. So today, we're going to take a good look at them, and we're going to call them out because they are just not true. They are lies. And here they are: 'I don't know enough', 'It really matters what others think of me', and 'I shouldn't own, or be proud of who I am'. Listen in today because we're going to get down and dirty with those three doozies!

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

•     Talking about the first lie- 'I don't know enough'.

•     Rachel wouldn't be where she is today if she didn't know enough.

•     Taking the risk of leaving your family to attend a conference.

•  Some of the big names at the conference were Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, Jasmine Star, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and James Wedmore.

•       Rachel talks about when the magic happened at the conference.

•       Rachel talks about what she was thinking, on the first day of the conference.

•       It's so easy to fall into the mindset of "I don't know enough.’

•       Why that mindset is really BS!

•       Why it really helps to get a business coach.

•       You can't know everything, you're meant to figure things out.

•       You are smart enough and you have to find the answers.

•       Why it really doesn't matter what other people think of you.

•       Are you worried about failing, or about other people watching you fail?

•       The thoughts that are holding you back.

•       Don't waste your energy thinking about what other people are thinking, rather focus that energy on taking your business to the next level.

•       Admitting to your strengths is not bragging.

•       There's nothing wrong with owning who you are or identifying your strengths.

•       Rachel encourages you to own who you are and focus on the areas that you excel in.

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