Why Getting Messy is Good for Business

No one wants to navigate through the chaos that life brings, but learning how to take those messy moments and turn them into teachable and positive events is the most beneficial thing you can do for your business.

 Today, Rachel shares her top tips for sifting through the messiness of life and using it to improve ourselves and others. Sometimes what we think is the “worst” thing that could happen can turn into the most productive, rewarding, or teachable moment. For a different perspective of turning your mess into magic, tune into this episode of Making the Leap. 

 Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·    At 1:50 - Rachel talks about the power of letting go and allowing yourself to mess up

·      At 3:09 - Find out what messy looks like

·      At 6:10 - Listen to what Rachel has to say about persevering

·      At 12: 12 - Rachel gives you permission to dream big

·      At 13: 45 - Rachel shares some easy tactics to help you work through the mess

·      At 15:10 - Rachel talks about making mistakes to help others

·      At 18:19 - Listen about what Rachel says about the importance of being coachable.

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