Mommy Guilt and Productivity Hacks with Britt Seva

Being surrounded by successful, flourishing, and beautiful businesses can be intimidating, but learning to overcome that fear is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

In this episode, hairstylist business coach, Britt Seva, shares how she approaches business and life by focusing on goals. She gives tangible tips to juggle daily tasks, stay productive, and maintain your sanity through all the chaos. Along with creating your perfect planner and how to accomplish your goals, Britt and Rachel also talk about the power of connection. Join them in this episode of Making the Leap for a good laugh and a good dose of motivation.

  Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • At 2:30 – Britt and I discuss how different personalities approach productivity

  • At 6:40 – Discover the dynamic between being a present parent and entrepreneur

  • At 10:50 – Identifying your inner mean girl and how to combat her

  • At 16:00 – The impact of having people who speak truth to your negative thoughts

  • At 18:00 – The importance of communication and a positive mindset

  • At 21:00 – Goal setting and how to tackle large scale goals

  • At 27:00 – Finding where you’re most productive and utilizing that space

  • At 29:00 – Giving yourself grace in moments of overwhelm

  • At 33:00 – Taking time to refill yourself and get inspired

  • At 35:00 – Focusing on serving rather than money

  • At 39:30 – Tactics to help you keep yourself accountable

  • At 42:00 – The superpower of micro-influencers

  • At 46:00 – Creating the perfect planner set-up

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