Nourishing Your Business and Your Special Needs Child

As a mom and entrepreneur, there’s already so much life to juggle. Having to advocate for your child’s special needs on top of all the daily hustle is an even greater challenge. As a business owner and mom to children with special needs, Rachel has discovered an array of tips to help maintain balance and improve your child’s experience. Join Rachel as she uncovers how to build better relationships for your child’s benefit, how to embrace embrace their individuality, and how to pursue your dreams at the same time.  

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·      At 2:40 – Rachel shares her children’s personal journey with special needs

·      At 8:30 – The benefits of getting private testing and the opportunities it provided

·      At 10:30 – Learning how to elevate weaknesses and find solutions for struggles

·      At 14:30 – Top tips for being a working parent and advocating for your children

·      At 16:00 – Taking time to build relationships with the school and staff

·      At 20:00 – The importance of not backing down and doing research to support your child’s needs

·      At 21:30 – Why you should ask for help and how to get connected

·      At 22:30 – The grieving process that accompanies your child getting identified and how to overcome the guilt

·      At 26:00 – Celebrating your child’s differences

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