The Importance of Choosing YOU

with Martine Williams

Most of us can say we remembered to do the laundry, or make sure our kids got to school, or made a phone call for work today, but did you choose YOU today? Today’s guest, Martine Williams, is a leader in Thirty-One Gifts and owner of Choose You. In this interview, Rachel and Martine discuss how to change your mind set on fear, how to investigate your passion, and more importantly, how to choose you every day. While it seems so simple, it’s often the hardest thing for us to do. Join Rachel in this interview to learn how you can delegate your own self-discovery process.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·      At 2:00 – Meet Martine  

·      At 5:25 – What it means to lose yourself in the process

·      At 6:30 – What inspired Martine to start her Choose You business

·      At 10:10 – How to overcome the fear that accompanies owning your own business

·      At 16:00 – Disregarding perfectionism and sharing your gift with the world

·      At 19:00 – The influence your mindset has on your success

·      At 23:00 – Understanding what it means to put yourself first

·      At 24:40 – Top tips to implement to put yourself first

·      At 28:25 – Finding tactics to balance life and business effectively

·      At 32:15 – The biggest struggle that holds women entrepreneurs back

·      At 35:00 – Using journaling for self-discovery

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