Gaining Clarity in Life & in Business

It’s normal to be anxious about the future. Sometimes our lack of direction can even be crippling. In this episode, talks about how to step outside of that fear and start the process of finding clarity. She talks about the importance of looking introspectively and cultivating an atmosphere we can thrive in. If you struggle with uncertainty and are on your own journey to find clarity, join Rachel in this episode to learn how you can use your life experiences to discover what lights you up.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·     At 1:45 – Do you struggle with finding clarity for your vision

·      At 5:20 – Why it’s important to give yourself freedom to explore throughout your journey

·      At 8:00 – How to figure out what brings you the most joy

·      At 11:00 – Rachel shares what we often do to distract ourselves from gaining that clarity

·      At 15:00 – Encouragement from Rachel to take a step out of your comfort zone despite uncertainty

·      At 18:00 – How to stop letting anxiety for the future stop you from being in the present

·      At 19:45 – Rachel’s challenge to you to begin gaining clarity

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