Keeping it Real with Kelly Roach

Today’s guest, Kelly Roach is a professional business growth strategist who can help you take your business to the next level. Her online service-based business assists in building sustainable and profitable businesses for clients quickly and more importantly, in a way that sets up clients to still have time for their loved ones. In this episode, Kelly talks about her love for serving others and what showing up has looked like for her. Rachel and Kelly discuss what it means to be a leader of legacy and having patience in a society filled with instant gratification. Join Rachel and Kelly in this interview to learn more about building a business to last the test of time.

Listen in to find out more.

Show highlights:

·      At 2:30 – Meet Kelly Roach

·      At 3:40 – How Kelly made the leap from corporate to owning her own business

·      At 8:45 – Kelly and Rachel discuss the power of doing what you can with what you have

·      At 12:00 – Kelly shares how she turns direct messages into clients

·      At 16:50 – Tips on how to add value to customers lives

·      At 18:00 – Listen to advice on the power of consistency and showing up

·      At 20:00 – How to have patience with the process

·      At 23:00 – Clearing all the clutter and working from your own intuition

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