On Air Coaching Session with Erin Backman

Today’s episode begins the first of our on air coaching calls. Rachel is coaching Erin Backman, a stylist in Sacramento, CA, who is wanting to grow her business and make more profit. Listen in to this coaching call, as we dive deep into Erin’s business and the things that are holding her back. I know you can benefit from listening to a coaching session, and learn things that help us with you with your own business. Here’s to learning!

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • At 2:10, Erin defines where she wants her life to go with her business.

  • At 3:20, Erin considers her biggest struggles.

  • At 5:40, Erin ponders realistic one-year goals.

  • At 10:00, Rachel and Erin discuss steps to move in the right direction of Erin’s realistic one-year goals.

  • At 11:10, Rachel helps Erin to break down these steps.

  • At 15:24, Rachel encourages Erin to move forward on a step that she has been putting off.

  • At 16:17, Rachel explains the “why” behind an important move.

  • At 16:58, Erin has an epiphany!

  • At 17:14, Erin shares what has been holding her back.

  • At 17:22, Rachel assures Erin that people generally relate better to imperfection, rather than perfection.

  • At 19:52, “Just start doing it, Erin! You’ll start seeing a change!” says Rachel, because she feels there’s an attainable goal NOW.

  • At 21:41, Erin shares a personal experience regarding a photo of herself.

  • At 23:40, Rachel offers her final words of encouragement.

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