How to Avoid Letting Your Circumstances Define You

Through the uncontrollable waves that life brings, the only thing we have control of is ourselves. While it can be difficult to not let the obstacles and struggles we face define us, we are all faced with the choice to move forward. Today’s episode presents an inspiring story about hardship and perseverance through difficult situations. Rachel shares how to choose kindness and trust even in unkind, disheartening circumstances. Join Rachel in this episode to see how you can take control of your own choices to live to your fullest capacity of happiness. 

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • At 4:50 – Finding positivity through difficult circumstances

  • At 14:00 – Choosing to be kind and trusting despite hardships

  • At 15:30 – Why you shouldn’t let your circumstances define you

  • At 17:40 – How to choose to not let your circumstances define you

  • At 19:10 – Reframing your mentality

  • At 22:00 – How to choose to overcome every day

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