On Air Coaching with Allison Vitelli

In this unique series, Rachel sharing authentic coaching calls with direct sales business clients who are striving to grow their business. Whether you’re in network marketing or not, these calls are full of juicy tactics and advice you can apply to any field. Todays’ call with Thirty-One consultant, Alison Vitelli, covers how to grow your team using enticing incentives, how to get more parties on the calendar, and shifting your mindset to not give power to the word “no”. This coaching session has self-evaluation hacks and business strategies for everyone.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • At 1:20 – Allison’s position with Thirty-one and how she’s worked her way up

    • 3:30 – Allison’s goals and the direction she’s working towards

    • At 5:15 – Struggles Thirty-One is experiencing and personal struggles Allison has within the company

    • At 6:30 – Methods to get new customers and keep current clients engaged

    • At 8:40 – Growing a team through sharing personal stories

    • At 11:20 – Pushing yourself to get more parties on your calendar and meet your sales goals

    • At 13:10 – How to get people to join your VIP group

    • At 16:00 – Building relationships with no strings attached

    • At 17:45 – Overcoming the fear of no to pursue your passion

    • At 22:00 – The importance of nurturing relationships after receiving a no

    • At 26:00 – Games to play and incentives to offer to get people more involved

    • At 28:50 – Creating a concrete follow up plan

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