Mean Girl Revisited

We all need a reminder that we’re worthy, that we’re capable, and that we’re fulfilling our purpose, especially when we’re constantly bombarded by our inner-mean girl. This episode of Making the Leap provides valuable tips on how to take back your power and not succumb to the lies of our inner-mean girl. Rachel shares insight on her own personal experience and how she’s learned to dissociate herself with the negativity of her inner-mean girl. Join Rachel in this episode to learn how you can overcome your own inner-mean girl and own your power again.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·      At 2:00 – Rachel shares her personal experience with mean girls and the impact it left on her

·      At 6:00 – Identifying your inner-mean girl and how to shut her down

·      At 9:30 – How to acknowledge her lies

·      At 11:45 – Rachel talks about the importanct of teaching yourself to stop comparing yourself to others

·      At 13:20 – Rebuking your inner-mean girl and letting her go

·      At 15:30 – Owning who you are and overcoming your insecurities

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