The Beauty of Getting Uncomfortable

with Kayse Morris

Taking your business out of a traditional setting can be scary, but Kayse Morris fearlessly left her teaching job to become an online business owner. In this episode, Kayse shares her story of building an online business by mastering the art of marketing. From planning hacks to advice for self-growth, Kayse uncovers it all. Join Rachel and Kayse in this fun, energetic conversation full of impactful strategies you can apply to your own business.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·      At 6:00 – Learn what Kayse does

·      At 8:30 – Hear Kayse share how she started making money outside of the classroom

·      At 11:00 – What influenced Kayse to make the leap and start her business

·      At 12:45 – Kayse shares advice on growing a business through marketing and using social media

·      At 15:40 – Learn about Kayse’s most effective marketing strategies

·      At 20:15 – The importance of nurturing current relationships to expand your reach to future clients

·      At 23:00 – How to overcome the fear of taking a leap in your career

·      At 27:00 – Top three tips for the starting entrepreneur

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