Taking the Leap Even When it Doesn’t Make Sense with Megan Stoeckl

Sometimes life reveals that our biggest dreams aren’t always what we initially thought they were. Megan Stoeckl left her “dream” job in corporate America to pursue her own business and she’s never looked back.

 In this interview, Megan shares her journey of creating an online boutique and what motivated her to persevere. Join Rachel Perry and Megan Stoeckl in this inspiring conversation to hear more about the power of consistency and tips to grow your own business.

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

·    At 1:40 – Hear how Megan launched her career and the business platform she has now

·      At 4:30 – How having kids changed Megan’s “dream job” and how opportunities began to reveal themselves

·      At 6:40 – Learn what inspired Megan to take the leap of starting her own business

·      At 8:00 – Megan and Rachel discuss the fear of rejection

·      At 12:00 – The importance of finding people who support you and have similar goals

·      At 17:00 – Using Youtube as a guide and other resources to create a game plan

·      At 18:30 – How Instagram helped Megan build a successful business

·      At 19:30 – The power of starting small and being consistent  

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