How to Change Your Mindset with Laura Payne Stanley

We’re all familiar with our inner-mean girl, but today we’re introducing and embracing a new consciousness, our inner-warrior queen. Today’s guest, Laura Payne Stanley, is a mindset and success coach with an immense array of knowledge on reshaping mindset. Laura and Rachel discuss the power of the mind, embracing your inner-warrior queen, and how to feed her versus your inner-mean girl. Join Rachel and Laura in this empowering episode for tangible advice on how you can reshape your mindset and own the life you want. 

Listen in to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • At 2:45 – What Laura does and why she’s so awesome at it

  • At 4:30 – The importance of staying curious

  • At 5:45 – How to embrace the power you have over your thoughts

  • At 10:00 – Choosing to feed your inner warrior queen versus the inner mean girl

  • At 13:00 – How to create space to get curious

  • At 16:30 – Reframing your mindset with muscle memory

  • At 19:30 – What happens internally when we take a leap

  • At 21:00 – How to push outside of your comfort zone

  • At 26:00 – Tapping into your inner warrior queen and following those instincts

  • At 29:00 – Defying self-sabotage by getting comfortable with our warrior queen

  • At 33:00 – Choosing your thoughts in a more fulfilling way

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